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Barcelona,Spain,travel guide by THOMAS LORENZO

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I Like Barcelona and it´s people but we must be careful

Safety Tips

Barcelona is a relatively safe city but you have to be extremely careful with pickpockets, bag snatchers and con men. They are very good and quick. To avoid an unpleasant stay leave your valuables, especially passports and unnecessary credit cards, in the hotel's safe. Once on the street, if someone gives you a bad feeling tell him to move away in the most unpleasant manner you can think of. Please, if needed, be extremely rude. Keep away from people who ask for money or those who approach you to sell you something. Do not listen to them, do not let them touch you and keep going.
If you doubt a police is what he is telling you he is, for example a non-uniformed policeman, again tell them to call the hotel before surrendering documentation. Do not surrender money or credit cards.

Car safety
Do not leave cars unattended for more than 10 seconds if you have visible luggage inside.
If you puncture a tire for no particular reason and someone offers help, keep the car doors locked, say thanks and tell him to go away. Always in the city travel with the doors of the car locked.

What should I do if my credit card gets stolen or lost?
What should I do if my passport gets stolen or lost?
What do I do if I end up with no money?
Should I report a theft to the Police?
Places to keep away from?

What should I do if my credit card gets stolen or lost?
Call immediately the following number for visa 900991124 and for mastercard900971231 . They will answer in your native language and take care of most of your immediate problems.

What should I do if lose my passport or if it gets stolen?
Call immediately your consulate or embassy. . Australian passports can take up until 3 or 4 working days. Uk citizens can be issued a temporary passport in a matter of hours. Always make a photocopy of the passport just in case.

What do I do if I end up with no money?
My tip is to get someone to wire you money through Western Union. Note that there are different offices. You will find that the Post Office also runs Western Union but it is not the same service. Once wired you will be able to pick up your money in minutes at the designated office. If you are not sure which office to go to call 900 633 633( 24 hours)

Also note that if you have no I.D you will not be able to pick up the money . Get the consulate to help out in such a case or ask me for more info.

Should I report a theft to the Police?
Yes. Crime must be stopped . In the long run this little efforts will help our police force to cut down on crime so if you can do it. The police report will be needed for passport replacements and insurance purposes. Ask us for the closest station to report to.

For any type of emergencies call 112

Places to keep away from?
As I said before, Barcelona is relatively a safe city. There is just one spot that since it is a bit of the beaten track I would recommend you should avoid. Just click on the link, (the area in red) to see it. The gardens are called the Jardins de Mossen Costa i Llobera on the steep slope of Montjuic that overlooks directly the port. Avoid going through it and follow the road.

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