Things to do on a rainy day

I Like Barcelona and it´s people and the day trips
WE have quite a few suggestions that you might like to explore whether it might by seeing other Gaudi buildings, cycling, sailing, fishing, special spanish fiestas, winter skiing, exploring some volcanoes, monasteries of the kings, mountain climbing. Yes you can do these activities in a day trip. Here I suggest two trips that will get you to see some other small fishing towns their folks and food SITGES (3O min) PALAFURGELL GIRONA ( 1 hour


How about a day trip up the coast towards France to Palafurgell; a very pretty beach town located at 135 km north of Barcelona
How to get there from Barcelona ?
Buses Sarfa right next door to our hostal.


A mouth watering event:Until the 11th of March you may savour at 7 restaurants of this beautiful town the local cuisine special called Garoinada and Catxoflino. The Garoinada is a dish is made up of 12 sea urchins served with a special sauce of this region. The sea urchin is especially tasty during the cold winter months.
Now for the other special called the Catxoflino. Each restaurant has its special recipe but basically its a mixture of sea food and food from the mountains as they say. For example a plate made up of prawns, squid , meatballs and mushrooms and artichokes. Deeeelicious.

Restaurants La Casona, Simbol, Pa i Raïm, La Xicra, Hotel Llevant, Hotel Llafranch y el restaurante Xadó.Price from: 35-45 euros.




sitges iglesia I have been living in Sitges for the past 10 years. I would like to invite you to discover this small town 30 km south of Barcelona. The natural park el Garraf lies between Sitges and Barcelona. There is a small mountain range that you have to cross under or over on the coast before you are able to get a glimpse of this town.
costa garraf
tren costa sitges The park has green areas and unfortunately a lot of very dry areas due to fires that have destroyed its beauty.
How to get there from Barcelona ? Take the train, It is a pretty ride along the coast.You have 4 trains an hour from Barcelona Sants or Passeig de Gracia
Sitges used to be a small town and now it is very big. Due to the mountain range behind this town the colors of the sky and water are different than that of Barcelona. That is why so many artists come to paint this town every year. Please explore the old part of this town and every time you see a building that looks sort of modernist please consider that money that helped construct these type of buildings came also from slave trade.
The beaches are ok and can be very crowded. My favorite is called Sausalito, it is also the name of the bar on the beach with good music, ok food. This beach is about 1 km south of the city center, away from BARCELONA following the beach walkway.