Barcelona Transport Tips

I Like Barcelona and it´s people
Barcelona Transport Tips
The following questions are those most frequently asked at our hostel . My Barcelona guide does not intend to give you all the information. For further detailed info on Barcelona transport please visit our city´s main web site transport page

Which is the best way to get around Barcelona ?
Barcelona is a city to enjoy on foot. It is not that big in comparison to other major European cities. When you look at the city map just remember that each square of the eixample is about 100 metres. Public Barcelona transport is cheap and reliable. I generally use the subway system. The bus system is very good but figuring out which bus route to take is a time consuming job, so since I do not like to think that much unless necessary I use the subway system.

Remember that all of Barcelona city is one zone for traveling. All public transports use the same 1 zone ticket. This 1 zone ticket does not apply to tourist lines, as airports, some trams, the old funicular ect. I wonder why? I find travel cards confusing. The most practical discount is given by the T 10 of 1 zone. It can be used by more than one person. This card is worthwhile if you are going to be doing more than 5 trips and it gives you a total of 10 trips. You buy it at the subway station and if you do not speak Spanish use the automatic machines.These are the prices. One ticket: 1,40 ? . One T10 for one zone: 7.40

Subway opening times:
Saturday: 24 hours round the clock
Friiday: from 5 am untill 2 am
Rest of the days untill 24.
Subway map pdf file 

Taking a cab, are they expensive?  TOP OF PAGE
Well the price is OK. Just remember to pay only what is on the meter. Other from the standard fare there are extra charges for extra luggage, you are allowed one bag per person, extras are at 1 euros per unit, and for going to or from the airport add another 3 euros . Nothing else! There is the sticker you will find on the passengers window when you enter a taxi in Barcelona. Check it out. So it will be around 20 to 25 euros to get you to or from the airport to the city center and Hostal Residencia Australia.

Make sure that the meter is on and visible when you enter the taxi. There are a lot of taxis in Barcelona. They all share these colours on the right.Even though taxis are privately owned regulations are very strict .So you have your rights. If you ask for the receipt make sure the taxi’s license number is on it, , you will find it on the meter, also make sure it is signed by the driver, it should show the itinerary and the license plate of the car.

How can I get to and from Barcelona airport during the day? TOP OF PAGE
There are two good options. The blue aero Bus or train. There is no subway. There is a cheaper bus service and a late night bus service to the airport from our doorstep.. Ask us for more info.

1)Day Bus: Take the aero-line bus, the blue bus, get on or off at Plaça Catalunya, which is last stop.
Price 4.05 (EXPENSIVE) (ticket sales on the bus)
Bus interval: Every 8 minutes on weekdays; Every 10-13 minutes on holidays.
How long does the ride take? About 30 minutes.
When does it start around 5.30 6 am finishes around 12 – 1 am.
For more exact info visit 

2)Train: There is only one train line from the airport, at presentget off at at PASSEIG DE GRACIA ( this will be changing soon as there is construction going on) . Price 1.50 Good price. Important buy the subway ticket, the green ticket, and not the train ticket, the red ticket ,as you will be able to continue on the subway without paying again, that is if you need to .
How long does it take? 30 minutes
First and last trains from Passeig de Gracia: You have a train every 30 minutes from 5.28 until 23.02Please re check on the renfe site 
First and last trains from the airport: You have a train every 30 minutes form 6.08 until 22.38 Please re check on the renfe site 

3)The cheapest option BUS 46 Route: PL.Espanya – Aeroport ask us for more info TOP OF PAGE

4)The night bus to the airport to and from the airport. BUS NUMBER N17: ask us for more info

I am flying with Ryan air, How long is it going to take to get into the city or the other way round?

Ryan air does not fly into Barcelona. It flys to Reus (130 km) and Girona( 80 km) . Calculate at least 2 and half hours between getting off the plane and arriving at the city center . There is a bus service, no need to worry. They are waiting for you to make money of you. The Girona bus ends up at the Estació del Nord and the Reus bus ends up the Sants Estació. You can find the exact timetables on the Ryan air destinations web page . It is very very important to organise your return trip.

For example the bus to get the plane form Girona leaves Barcelona 3 hours before the departure of the flight. So if the plane is leaving at 6 a.m the bus will leave at 3 a.m. Also: No need to stay in a hotel next to the airport. In Spain always go for the city center as there is much better transport as that is where people live.

What public transports are there to get to my cruise ship? None from the city center as the port belongs to the the state and not to the city of Barcelona. I would suggest a cab but if I was on a tight budget, right in front of the Columbus statue at the end of the ramblas, (subway Drassanes green subway line 3) there is a blus bus called the Lanzadera Port Bus, at 1 euro 50 that runs from 8.00 hours until 20.30 only when there are cruise ships to be serviced.

Where should I catch a bus for going to another city? TOP OF PAGE My tip is to try to visit the central bus station´s web site, Barcelona Nord. 902 260 606. Most buses leave or stop at this station. If your destination is not listed on this site then ask us to figure out the service you need to take.
Online reservations can be difficult since foreign credit cards are sometimes not accepted by some Spanish secure transactions systems. My tip is to call the company figure out where they are and go directly to their offices to buy the ticket.

Where to buy train tickets to avoid long cues? My tip is to go the Passeig de Gracia station, 9 am sharp, or call very early or late at night, after 10 p.m, the following RENFE number: 902.24.02.02. If you book over the phone they will tell you where to pick them up. You may also use their website. It is starting to be more efficient but once again you might have a problem with foreign credit cards. I do not kow why but interail tickets are not validated at this station and only at Sants but once again please ask us for more info.