Barcelona Food tips

I Like Barcelona and it´s people and the food
The food
This is what I really like talking about. The variety of such is enormous. The first thing to consider is that main lunch is served from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm, aprox, and dinner after 8.30 pm but preferably to be eaten around 10 so when you finish you do not end up alone in a club waiting for all the other Spaniards to finish their meals. We eat late and do not start showing up at the clubs until midnight aprox.Please take your time to eat.Let´s take care of our vegetarian friends.


On the following street you will find two nice vegetarian restaurants next to the ramblas, city center.

C. del Pintor Fortuny 32
Tel. 93 317 61 89

C. del Pintor Fortuny , 25
Tel. 93 301 45 83

For the rest of you each week I will be suggesting a little itinerary and activities to be done:

Have breakfast at the Mercat de la Boqueria located on the Ramblas, going down on the right . This market is the biggest of Barcelona and here you will find all types of fruits meats fish and lots more. It is an adventure for the eyes and saliva glands. When you walk in from the Ramblas turn first left and on the corner sit down on the counter of the bar. Look at what other people are eating and order what looks tasty for your glands.

Lunchtime. Only on weekdays. Take the yellow subway line, Line IV and get off at metro stop Llacuna. This is the area of Barcelona city where you have a lot of ware houses, small factories, trucks etc.
All these workers need to eat and since most business close for lunch form 2 to 4 PM there are a lot of nice restaurants where you can blend amongst the crowd and have a hearty “Menú del Día” for about 7 to 10 euros. The “Menú del Día” is based on a three-course meal . It will also include bread, desserts and beer or wine.
I assure you there will be no tourists and the experience is worthwhile.

How to choose a restaurant?

Walk around a couple of blocks and where you see a lot of people or where you see a bunch of taxi´s parked, go for it.

La merienda


Around 5 or 6 pm go for a snack based of hot chocolate and small rolls of fried pastry called churros. Just lovely for a cold afternoon. My favorite spot is the following. You will find two cozy looking pastry shops crowded with old ladies and served by gentlemen with almost white jackets. (on the very small street on the map and not on the small square). Do not forget to dip deeply those churros in the chocolate.

Dinner time

can cortada

This week I would recommend some excellent Catalan cuisine in a very special setting. The restaurant is called Can Cortada. It is a very old Catalan Masia with origins from the 12th century. It is not in the city center and accessible by taxi.

Can Cortada Av. Estatut de Catalunya, s/n 08035 Barcelona. To zoom in on the map link select “apropar” and press enter.
tel: 93 427 23 15
Price: Around 30 euros per person. Add 20 euros round trip for the taxi and from city center. Please reserve in advance. I assure you will love it