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Barcelona Safety Tips

I Like Barcelona and it´s people but we must be careful
Safety Tips

Barcelona is a relatively safe city but you have to be extremely careful with pickpockets, bag snatchers and con men. They are very good and quick. To avoid an unpleasant stay leave your valuables, especially passports and unnecessary credit cards, in the hotel’s safe. Once on the street, if someone gives you a bad feeling tell him to move away in the most unpleasant manner you can think of. Please, if needed, be extremely rude. Keep away from people who ask for money or those who approach you to sell you something. Do not listen to them, do not let them touch you and keep going.
If you doubt a police is what he is telling you he is, for example a non-uniformed policeman, again tell them to call the hotel before surrendering documentation. Do not surrender money or credit cards.

Car safety
Do not leave cars unattended for more than 10 seconds if you have visible luggage inside.
If you puncture a tire for no particular reason and someone offers help, keep the car doors locked, say thanks and tell him to go away. Always in the city travel with the doors of the car locked.

What should I do if my credit card gets stolen or lost?
What should I do if my passport gets stolen or lost?
What do I do if I end up with no money?
Should I report a theft to the Police?
Places to keep away from?

What should I do if my credit card gets stolen or lost?
Call immediately the following number for visa 900991124 and for mastercard900971231 . They will answer in your native language and take care of most of your immediate problems.

What should I do if lose my passport or if it gets stolen? 
Call immediately your consulate or embassy. . Australian passports can take up until 3 or 4 working days. Uk citizens can be issued a temporary passport in a matter of hours. Always make a photocopy of the passport just in case.

What do I do if I end up with no money?
My tip is to get someone to wire you money through Western Union. Note that there are different offices. You will find that the Post Office also runs Western Union but it is not the same service. Once wired you will be able to pick up your money in minutes at the designated office. If you are not sure which office to go to call 900 633 633( 24 hours)

Also note that if you have no I.D you will not be able to pick up the money . Get the consulate to help out in such a case or ask me for more info.

Should I report a theft to the Police?
Yes. Crime must be stopped . In the long run this little efforts will help our police force to cut down on crime so if you can do it. The police report will be needed for passport replacements and insurance purposes. Ask us for the closest station to report to.

For any type of emergencies call 112

Places to keep away from?
As I said before, Barcelona is relatively a safe city. There is just one spot that since it is a bit of the beaten track I would recommend you should avoid. Just click on the link, (the area in red) to see it. The gardens are called the Jardins de Mossen Costa i Llobera on the steep slope of Montjuic that overlooks directly the port. Avoid going through it and follow the road.

Barcelona Tapas

 Like Barcelona and it´s people and it´s tapas
Lets have some fun and make the tapa experience an ever long lasting memory. All of the following offer very tasty food. I have chosen five bars for you to discover so as to get a general feel of what tapas is about. All in the city center. 

 Tapas In Barcelona

Cal Pep. Excelent seafood and home cooking. A lot of tourists.
Los Toreros. 100 years old, a sort of a bullfighting restaurant, bar, museum with 50 traditional tapas to choose from. A lot of tourists
Bar Tomás The best bravas in town( special fried potatoes with mayonnaise and or hot sauces. Hardly any tourists here.
Sagardi. A different way of having tapas from the northern region of Spain, Pais Vasco. A lot of tourists.
La Esquinica Discover other parts of Barcelona where locals live, work and enjoy very good tapas. This is a very popular establishment so get in early. Again hardly any tourists.

Cal Pep. ( Pepe´s house)
Pl. de les Olles 8 , Barcelona, 08003 (Ciutat Vella) See Map
Tel. 93 310 79 61 / 93 319 61 83
A small cozy restaurant, tavern style. They serve fresh seafood and traditional cuisine. The seafood can be expensive but the quality is great. Do not be embarrassed by asking how much it is if you are not sure as the prices can go sky rise since fresh seafood can be very expensive.
Opening hours Monday: 20 to 23.15 Tuesdays through Saturdays from 13.15 to 16.15 and 20 to 23.15 h. Closed in August and Holy Week.

Los Toreros
C Xuclá, 3-5, Barcelona, 08001. (Going down the ramblas on the right hand side) Tel: 93 318 23 25 See Map
50 tapas of traditional cuisine in a bullfighting museum type setting. It has been around for almost a hundred years. Worthwhile sitting down having a beer and trying some tapas you have not had before.
Closed on Mondays.

Bar Tomas
The best bravas in town ( special fried potatoes with mayonnaise and or hot sauce. Major de Sarrià 49, Barcelona, 08017 See Map You can get there by subway from our Hostal , it would be a 10 minute ride .
Opens Thursday through Monday from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00. Once again hardly any tourists for now.

La Esquinica. Very popular by locals and very busy. A huge variety of very tasty traditional tapas.
C/Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 296, Barcelona, 08031. See map.
Area: Nou Barris , Turó de la Peira. Closed on Mondays . It would take you about 20 minutes to get there form our Hostal.

C/ Argenteria 62, Barcelona 08003 ( born area) Map
Sit or stand at the counter, ask for a plate, pick your own montaditos, small portions of food on small pieces of bread, order some wine and do not through away the toothpicks. You pay at the end by the number of toothpicks you have on your plate.
Opens every day from 13.30 a 16 h and from 20 a 24 h.


Barcelona Food tips

I Like Barcelona and it´s people and the food
The food
This is what I really like talking about. The variety of such is enormous. The first thing to consider is that main lunch is served from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm, aprox, and dinner after 8.30 pm but preferably to be eaten around 10 so when you finish you do not end up alone in a club waiting for all the other Spaniards to finish their meals. We eat late and do not start showing up at the clubs until midnight aprox.Please take your time to eat.Let´s take care of our vegetarian friends.


On the following street you will find two nice vegetarian restaurants next to the ramblas, city center.

C. del Pintor Fortuny 32
Tel. 93 317 61 89

C. del Pintor Fortuny , 25
Tel. 93 301 45 83

For the rest of you each week I will be suggesting a little itinerary and activities to be done:

Have breakfast at the Mercat de la Boqueria located on the Ramblas, going down on the right . This market is the biggest of Barcelona and here you will find all types of fruits meats fish and lots more. It is an adventure for the eyes and saliva glands. When you walk in from the Ramblas turn first left and on the corner sit down on the counter of the bar. Look at what other people are eating and order what looks tasty for your glands.

Lunchtime. Only on weekdays. Take the yellow subway line, Line IV and get off at metro stop Llacuna. This is the area of Barcelona city where you have a lot of ware houses, small factories, trucks etc.
All these workers need to eat and since most business close for lunch form 2 to 4 PM there are a lot of nice restaurants where you can blend amongst the crowd and have a hearty “Menú del Día” for about 7 to 10 euros. The “Menú del Día” is based on a three-course meal . It will also include bread, desserts and beer or wine.
I assure you there will be no tourists and the experience is worthwhile.

How to choose a restaurant?

Walk around a couple of blocks and where you see a lot of people or where you see a bunch of taxi´s parked, go for it.

La merienda


Around 5 or 6 pm go for a snack based of hot chocolate and small rolls of fried pastry called churros. Just lovely for a cold afternoon. My favorite spot is the following. You will find two cozy looking pastry shops crowded with old ladies and served by gentlemen with almost white jackets. (on the very small street on the map and not on the small square). Do not forget to dip deeply those churros in the chocolate.

Dinner time

can cortada

This week I would recommend some excellent Catalan cuisine in a very special setting. The restaurant is called Can Cortada. It is a very old Catalan Masia with origins from the 12th century. It is not in the city center and accessible by taxi.

Can Cortada Av. Estatut de Catalunya, s/n 08035 Barcelona. To zoom in on the map link select “apropar” and press enter.
tel: 93 427 23 15
Price: Around 30 euros per person. Add 20 euros round trip for the taxi and from city center. Please reserve in advance. I assure you will love it

Barcelona Transport Tips

I Like Barcelona and it´s people
Barcelona Transport Tips
The following questions are those most frequently asked at our hostel . My Barcelona guide does not intend to give you all the information. For further detailed info on Barcelona transport please visit our city´s main web site transport page

Which is the best way to get around Barcelona ?
Barcelona is a city to enjoy on foot. It is not that big in comparison to other major European cities. When you look at the city map just remember that each square of the eixample is about 100 metres. Public Barcelona transport is cheap and reliable. I generally use the subway system. The bus system is very good but figuring out which bus route to take is a time consuming job, so since I do not like to think that much unless necessary I use the subway system.

Remember that all of Barcelona city is one zone for traveling. All public transports use the same 1 zone ticket. This 1 zone ticket does not apply to tourist lines, as airports, some trams, the old funicular ect. I wonder why? I find travel cards confusing. The most practical discount is given by the T 10 of 1 zone. It can be used by more than one person. This card is worthwhile if you are going to be doing more than 5 trips and it gives you a total of 10 trips. You buy it at the subway station and if you do not speak Spanish use the automatic machines.These are the prices. One ticket: 1,40 ? . One T10 for one zone: 7.40

Subway opening times:
Saturday: 24 hours round the clock
Friiday: from 5 am untill 2 am
Rest of the days untill 24.
Subway map pdf file 

Taking a cab, are they expensive?  TOP OF PAGE
Well the price is OK. Just remember to pay only what is on the meter. Other from the standard fare there are extra charges for extra luggage, you are allowed one bag per person, extras are at 1 euros per unit, and for going to or from the airport add another 3 euros . Nothing else! There is the sticker you will find on the passengers window when you enter a taxi in Barcelona. Check it out. So it will be around 20 to 25 euros to get you to or from the airport to the city center and Hostal Residencia Australia.

Make sure that the meter is on and visible when you enter the taxi. There are a lot of taxis in Barcelona. They all share these colours on the right.Even though taxis are privately owned regulations are very strict .So you have your rights. If you ask for the receipt make sure the taxi’s license number is on it, , you will find it on the meter, also make sure it is signed by the driver, it should show the itinerary and the license plate of the car.

How can I get to and from Barcelona airport during the day? TOP OF PAGE
There are two good options. The blue aero Bus or train. There is no subway. There is a cheaper bus service and a late night bus service to the airport from our doorstep.. Ask us for more info.

1)Day Bus: Take the aero-line bus, the blue bus, get on or off at Plaça Catalunya, which is last stop.
Price 4.05 (EXPENSIVE) (ticket sales on the bus)
Bus interval: Every 8 minutes on weekdays; Every 10-13 minutes on holidays.
How long does the ride take? About 30 minutes.
When does it start around 5.30 6 am finishes around 12 – 1 am.
For more exact info visit 

2)Train: There is only one train line from the airport, at presentget off at at PASSEIG DE GRACIA ( this will be changing soon as there is construction going on) . Price 1.50 Good price. Important buy the subway ticket, the green ticket, and not the train ticket, the red ticket ,as you will be able to continue on the subway without paying again, that is if you need to .
How long does it take? 30 minutes
First and last trains from Passeig de Gracia: You have a train every 30 minutes from 5.28 until 23.02Please re check on the renfe site 
First and last trains from the airport: You have a train every 30 minutes form 6.08 until 22.38 Please re check on the renfe site 

3)The cheapest option BUS 46 Route: PL.Espanya – Aeroport ask us for more info TOP OF PAGE

4)The night bus to the airport to and from the airport. BUS NUMBER N17: ask us for more info

I am flying with Ryan air, How long is it going to take to get into the city or the other way round?

Ryan air does not fly into Barcelona. It flys to Reus (130 km) and Girona( 80 km) . Calculate at least 2 and half hours between getting off the plane and arriving at the city center . There is a bus service, no need to worry. They are waiting for you to make money of you. The Girona bus ends up at the Estació del Nord and the Reus bus ends up the Sants Estació. You can find the exact timetables on the Ryan air destinations web page . It is very very important to organise your return trip.

For example the bus to get the plane form Girona leaves Barcelona 3 hours before the departure of the flight. So if the plane is leaving at 6 a.m the bus will leave at 3 a.m. Also: No need to stay in a hotel next to the airport. In Spain always go for the city center as there is much better transport as that is where people live.

What public transports are there to get to my cruise ship? None from the city center as the port belongs to the the state and not to the city of Barcelona. I would suggest a cab but if I was on a tight budget, right in front of the Columbus statue at the end of the ramblas, (subway Drassanes green subway line 3) there is a blus bus called the Lanzadera Port Bus, at 1 euro 50 that runs from 8.00 hours until 20.30 only when there are cruise ships to be serviced.

Where should I catch a bus for going to another city? TOP OF PAGE My tip is to try to visit the central bus station´s web site, Barcelona Nord. 902 260 606. Most buses leave or stop at this station. If your destination is not listed on this site then ask us to figure out the service you need to take.
Online reservations can be difficult since foreign credit cards are sometimes not accepted by some Spanish secure transactions systems. My tip is to call the company figure out where they are and go directly to their offices to buy the ticket.

Where to buy train tickets to avoid long cues? My tip is to go the Passeig de Gracia station, 9 am sharp, or call very early or late at night, after 10 p.m, the following RENFE number: 902.24.02.02. If you book over the phone they will tell you where to pick them up. You may also use their website. It is starting to be more efficient but once again you might have a problem with foreign credit cards. I do not kow why but interail tickets are not validated at this station and only at Sants but once again please ask us for more info.



Things to do on a rainy day

I Like Barcelona and it´s people and the day trips
WE have quite a few suggestions that you might like to explore whether it might by seeing other Gaudi buildings, cycling, sailing, fishing, special spanish fiestas, winter skiing, exploring some volcanoes, monasteries of the kings, mountain climbing. Yes you can do these activities in a day trip. Here I suggest two trips that will get you to see some other small fishing towns their folks and food SITGES (3O min) PALAFURGELL GIRONA ( 1 hour


How about a day trip up the coast towards France to Palafurgell; a very pretty beach town located at 135 km north of Barcelona
How to get there from Barcelona ?
Buses Sarfa right next door to our hostal.


A mouth watering event:Until the 11th of March you may savour at 7 restaurants of this beautiful town the local cuisine special called Garoinada and Catxoflino. The Garoinada is a dish is made up of 12 sea urchins served with a special sauce of this region. The sea urchin is especially tasty during the cold winter months.
Now for the other special called the Catxoflino. Each restaurant has its special recipe but basically its a mixture of sea food and food from the mountains as they say. For example a plate made up of prawns, squid , meatballs and mushrooms and artichokes. Deeeelicious.

Restaurants La Casona, Simbol, Pa i Raïm, La Xicra, Hotel Llevant, Hotel Llafranch y el restaurante Xadó.Price from: 35-45 euros.




sitges iglesia I have been living in Sitges for the past 10 years. I would like to invite you to discover this small town 30 km south of Barcelona. The natural park el Garraf lies between Sitges and Barcelona. There is a small mountain range that you have to cross under or over on the coast before you are able to get a glimpse of this town.
costa garraf
tren costa sitges The park has green areas and unfortunately a lot of very dry areas due to fires that have destroyed its beauty.
How to get there from Barcelona ? Take the train, It is a pretty ride along the coast.You have 4 trains an hour from Barcelona Sants or Passeig de Gracia
Sitges used to be a small town and now it is very big. Due to the mountain range behind this town the colors of the sky and water are different than that of Barcelona. That is why so many artists come to paint this town every year. Please explore the old part of this town and every time you see a building that looks sort of modernist please consider that money that helped construct these type of buildings came also from slave trade.
The beaches are ok and can be very crowded. My favorite is called Sausalito, it is also the name of the bar on the beach with good music, ok food. This beach is about 1 km south of the city center, away from BARCELONA following the beach walkway.

Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music Melbourne Concerts 2016

Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music Melbourne Concerts 2016

Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music concerts to be held in Melbourne during 2016. From Barcelona to Melbourne. 6 Guitar concerts . Cultural diversity in its pure state.

Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music Melbourne Concerts


Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music Melbourne Concerts 2016T

Book Full  Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music  Melbourne Concerts   2016

Who should attend:
Music lovers that wish to experience creative joy and beauty in an intimate concert setting.

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

Artist Insights

I believe music is a gift human nature has acquired, that allows us all to share emotions as  a peaceful social experience.

When I play, my guitar students that attend my  Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music concerts, note that they believe I fall in a sort of trance.

When I play, I need to flow with the rhythm of the composition. In that constant flow of time I add on tension and release that comes with melody and harmony. The overall effect is of pure pleasure, that does somewhat come though in my facial and body expression.

Audiences refer to my Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music concerts of that of joy. Yes, I totally agree with such. I  believe joy is as simple reflecting the beauty of nature.

We are sons of this planet.  Music is there to allow us to reflect upon our existence as part of this conscience perception of nature.

My goal, in all Melbourne Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music  concerts,  is to establish the most appropriate visual , acoustic setting. I wish to allow for the audience to be immersed in my humble flow and understanding of existence That is why the review of joy occurs after some of my  concerts.

When I perform guitar at my Melbourne concerts I do not perform alone. I share the stage with other Australian musicians. The way I tend to share is  establishing a context that allows each of the musicians to flow in the boundaries of the style and harmonic composition.

I do believe that pure expression can be obtained with limits and that a free form of musical expression, may at this time not be accessible to the majority of the audience, nor musicians as generally,  free forms of expression,  effect more upon feelings of anguish than of joy.

What I believe works well as a means of adhesion with fellow musicians,  is a common understanding of the groove and the tempo. Tempo flows . It increases and decreases over the length of a musical composition. It feels good and very natural to vary. I perform with talented Australian musicians , that have a deep understanding on how to share expression within the tempo and the groove.

The result is that of magic and once again joy, as perceived by the audience.

I welcomes you all to share Thomas Lorenzo Jazz World Music concerts 2016 , Melbourne,  with me and my special guests.

For upcoming concerts and ticket sales please refer to:

Melbourne Guitar concerts: Jazz and flamenco

You tube subscription: Thomas Lorenzo

Libros de musica: El arreglo un puzzle de expresion musical

Thomas Lorenzo CD sales and downloads


Upcoming Jazz Guitar Masterclasses , World Music Concerts in Melbourne

Upcoming Jazz Masterclasses and World Music concerts in Melbourne

Thomas Lorenzo Trio, Mediterranean Jazz (

  • September 3rd 8.30 pm
  • When:  September 3rd , 2015,  at 8.30 pm
  • Where: Paris Cat ,  6 Goldie Place, Melbourne
  • Tickets: $20  BOOK NOW

Read more on mediterranean jazz
Performing Thomas Lorenzo , Tamara Murphy on Bass and Darryn Farrugia o drums


Thomas Lorenzo Portrait of Spain
Through Flamenco and Jazz. Part of 6 World Music Concerts

September 25th 7pm Book Now
Dedicated to Federico García Lorca
Special Guests : Carlos Sanchez: Narrator
Xanet Calbet: Guitar Percussion

Where: Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143


Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Masterclasses in Melbourne: Jazz Blues and Flamenco

Melbourne Guitra masterclasses thomas lorenzo

Where; Kathleen Syme Library
(Multi-purpose Room 2).
51 Faraday St, Carlton VIC.

Price: $65 per session


Jazz Guitar Masterclass 1
When: Wednesday Nov 11, 2015.
6:30-9:00 PM

Jazz Guitar Masterclass 2
When: Thursday Nov 12, 2015.
6:30-9:00 PM

Flamenco Guitar Masterclass 1
When: Wednesday Nov 25, 2015.
6:30-9:00 PM

Flamenco Guitar Masterclass 2
When: Thursday Nov 26, 2015.
6:30-9:00 PM

Blues Guitar Masterclass 1
When: Wednesday Nov 18, 2015.
6:30-9:00 PM

Blues Guitar Masterclass 2
When: Thursday Nov 19, 2015.
6:30-9:00 PM


Libros de música  Sales by Amazon

CD sales: Direct link to CD Baby

You Tube Subscribe to my channel 

Being Safe When Going To Melbourne Music Festivals

There are a lot of great ways to have fun at Melbourne music festivals while being safe. Because there will be a lot of people, and many will be partying, you should learn how to deal with the situation. Below are some great tips to get you into a position to just have fun!

If there will be drinking, never take a drink from someone else that you don’t know. Even if you do know the person, you don’t want to take a risk if they had left the drink alone or got it from someone else. There are drugs people can add to a drink, and if you’re at a festival they may be trying to get you to come with them or carry you off when you are blacked out. That’s why you should just throw out a drink that was out of your sight, and if you feel way more intoxicated than you should be you need to get someone to watch over you that you know and trust.

Staying hydrated is important if you want to be sure that you’re able to last in a hot crowd for a long time to see a lot of music. The problem is that if you’re drinking or doing a lot of dancing even, you could become dehydrated pretty fast. That could end in you fainting or even having to go to a hospital. Even if you are drinking alcohol, you can stay more hydrated if you have a glass of water after every drink. Bring your own water if they are charging a lot of money for it.

Never take drugs that you’re given at a festival if you want to be safe. Getting a buzz may seem like a good idea, but there’s really no way to tell what you’re putting into your body. There are quite a few drugs that can do a lot of damage to you, and street drugs generally aren’t clean anyways. If you do feel the need to indulge, at least get a testing kit that can be used to tell you if the chemical is what someone says it is.

It’s best to make sure that you are planning to see only the acts you’re interested in. At a festival there may be more than one stage with musicians playing. That’s why it’s best to stick with a schedule that lets you know when you should switch groups and go to another stage if possible. When you’re able to plan out your trip, you’ll see a lot more great acts and can avoid those that may just be likely to bore you.

The key to working with Melbourne music festivals is to know how to be safe and what you can do in an emergency. There are quite a few options you can work with as you can see here. Make sure that if anything seems amiss, that you get out of the situation.

Having The Best Time At Melbourne World Music Concerts

Having The Best Time At Melbourne World Music Concerts

The best Melbourne world music concerts are something you can enjoy more when you know how to plan a trip to them. There are many great methods to getting a schedule made and having the most fun possible. You’ll want to do some research on this before starting, so that way you develop a plan that has you having the most possible fun.

The music concert is something that you have to plan to go to. You’re not going to be able to just go to Melbourne, find a concert, and go any time of the year. You have to get to know what artists will be there and when, which is a smart idea because then you won’t be stuck in the city without too many options. Select only bands and venues that you’re comfortable going to, but if you haven’t been to them before just look for reviews on older concerts to get an idea of what they may be like now.

Having a good handle on concert safety is a must if you want to have a good time. Even if it’s just a chill band with a lot of slower songs, people will still be in the crowd that you have to be wary of. When people, for instance, party a lot and are drinking, the crowd can get rough. Always have an escape plan so that if there’s a bad situation you can just escape into the crowd or find a seat to avoid anything bad happening.

Remember that a concert isn’t going to sound good in all venues, or the band’s sound may not be super good. If this happens, you may be out of luck, which is why you’re best off listening to some of the band’s live music online or through albums. Sometimes bands sound far better in person than if you were to listen to them through an album of theirs. However, sometimes bands can be off and just having a bad day. If you feel like the whole concert was terrible, you can try speaking with the venue to see if you can get a refund.

When you’re out at a concert, especially if you’re drinking alcohol, make sure you have water as well. Sometimes when you’re dancing and having a good time, you forget just how dehydrated you are until it’s too late. Not to mention, when you’re intoxicated you tend to not want to do much but drink more. It’s better to have a serving of water after each drink, whether you want to or not. That will help you stay awake, and you can probably drink a lot more slowly which is going to actually save you some money.

Enjoying yourself a Melbourne world music concert is possible when you utilize this advice. Because there are many out there around different times of year, just tailor the general tips here to the concert series you’re wanting to go to.

melbourne jazz concerts

Melbourne Jazz Concerts In 2015

Jazz can be soothing and pleasing to listen to, but only when you are going to the right concerts. There are certain jazz musicians who are able to fill your ears with magical tunes. To ensure you are going to the best shows in Melbourne, here is a look at a few options that are going to be in front of you in 2015. This will make sure you are able to go to a great jazz concert. There is no reason to settle for less when it comes to this genre of music.

Maroondah Singers Annual Concert

Occurring in Luther College Chapel, this is going to be quite the musical show for those who are hoping to listen to fantastic, classical jazz music as that is what quality is all about.

You will get to hear the Songs of Love and Life here and it is going be a sensational listening experience for one and all because that is what matters the most. A range of artists will in attendance to showcase their skills.

Merle Street Jazz Band

Playing at Ruby’s Music Room, this is going to be a fantastic display of musical talent for all local citizens. Come down to the music room and see what jazz music is on offer.

Merle Street Jazz Band has grown as time has gone on and used to have a low key history where gigs were hard to find. However, talent has shone through and they are now playing at this wonderful lounge.

It is going to be an amazing show for one and all as wanted. This is the beauty of going to a show of this nature.

Jazz Nights

This will occur at The Botanical and will be a fun place to be for those who are avid jazz fans. The jazz set is going to be highly entertaining and you will never want to leave.

These nights are always successful as some of the finest talents from around the world come down to The Botanical and show their talents.

If jazz music is something you are craving, this is going to be the place to be to say the least. The music is going to be wonderful, but it is the overall atmosphere that is going to make you never want to leave once you are there.

This is the beauty of Jazz Nights and what you are going to get to see with this concert as that is what matters the most.

Attend this concert as it will be quite enjoyable.

Jazz is powerful and is going to change your life when you listen to the best of the best who are coming into town. Instead of wasting time with a solution that is not going to cut it, why not go to some of the finest concerts in Melbourne? These are musicians who have honed their craft for years and understand what the audience wants to listen to and will deliver every single time as needed.


More Info:

Upcoming Melbourne Jazz Flamenco and Blues Guitar Masterclass

Book Online Guitar Masterclasses

Concerts and More Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Concerts And More Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne is a vibrant city of live music with over 200 music related activities and concerts daily. It is a privilege to form part of the cultural scene and help develop it further with this series of 6 concerts I have undertaken.

My upcoming concerts include jazz collaborations with local artists as Ben Robertson on Bass. This concert will be held on August 23rd at 3 pm. It  will be dedicated to exploring flamenco in an improvised setting .

Flamenco guitar is generally be played as a solo instrument. The bass will  allow me to become more lyrical in the phrasing . The guitar then interprets melodies as if I  was taking on the role of the vocalist. This form of expression widens the array of textures that both myself and Ben will immerse ourselves in.

My Melbourne Concert Tickets can be purchased at the highlighted link.


Concerts and more concerts

The concert will be held at Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958. It starts at 3pm. We will also have the privilege of  sharing the stage with artists as Xanet Calbet ( guitar) and Cochita Carrsaco ) Palmas.

My third concert to be held on September 25th at 7pm will have as guest artist Carlos Sanchez.

This Melbourne concert will be dedicated to flamenco jazz and Federico Gracia Lorca. The Spanish poet member of the Generation of ’27 executed by Nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.‪ The regime censored his work until 1953. The poems will be recited in Spanish but translations will be available. on the television screens  in the venue.

Once again I thank you all for supporting my live shows. For further info on my Flamenco shows or jazz shows please visit my website.

For further info on my creative teaching for guitar please visit my Melbourne guitar school website.

And last since music is about expression. I  would like to invite you all to visit by artistic site where all my compositions and albums have been classified by emotions rather than by style, since  the objective of all music is to express and the style, is simply the medium of the emotions.

Please feel free to leave a note as you listen to each track so as between all of us we can come up with the most exact emotion a composition evokes.


Thomas Lorenzo

Musical Barbecue and Guitar Concerts

Musical Barbecue and Guitar Concerts

The Creative Guitar School directed by Thomas Lorenzo celebrates a year of dedicated passion to guitar learning with the annual Musical Barbecue hosted in Melbourne, Victoria , Australia.

Students and families shared an afternoon of international food and music. All students chipped in and brought foods representative of their ethnic cultures. We had cuisine representing India, China, Vietnam, Venezeula , Mauricius, Hong Kong, Sri Lank, Spain. Uruguay, Singapore, Uk and France.

After our banquet guitar students performed in duos and trios  a selection of repertoire they had been working on during the year. It was a magical evening where guitarists of all levels and skills came together and shared two hours of music in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Music is about sharing with others the beauty of life.  It hard work to get your licks flowing but a satisfying discipline for all those that take it up as means of personal wellbeing and joy.

As a guitar teacher  I love to share knowledge but I also love to share my music as a performer in different styles and genres of music.

Jazz Melbourne Concert

This coming Thursday on July 9th I will be performing my Jazz Melbourne Concert of the month at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne,Vic, Australia.

I will be performing, on electric guitar, a selection of original compositions from my albums and traditional jazz standards as: Stella by Starlight, Autumn leaves, Mercy Mercy, West Coast Blues, Four on Six, Billies Bounce, Someday my prince will come, In a sentimental mood amongst others.

I love groove as the foundation of my musical exposition. When a strong groove is established the musical ideas just keep on pouring out of my brain. I hear harmonies flying by and all I have to do is ti tap into them whenever I wish. Jazz improvisation is pure freedom in a controlled anarchy. This is a contradiciton but I sometimes wonder if chaos has a structure and is guided  by rules that govern equilibrium.

I would like to invite you all to this concert to be held in Melbourne . I will be accompanied by Darryn Farrugia on Drums and Tamara Murphy on Bass. You will hear sweet music, laid back jazz, aggressive explosions, never ending climaxes, whispers, silence , slow words, joy and sadness.

When ever I play it feels as if I was tapping into mother nature and not having any other option but to express the chaos and beauty of existence.

Melbourne Concerts

Melbourne Concerts

Through this link you will find tickets links for all Melbourne concerts related to the composer and guitarist Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzi

How To Find The Next Best Melbourne Concerts

If you live in Melbourne, or anywhere near it, you probably should have known by now that this city is one of the bests in terms of entertainment. This is one of the reasons why Melbourne is swarmed by tourists year after year. With the city’s fantastic treasure trove of entertainment and exciting times, different Melbourne concerts, theaters and musicals happen. The events are simply endless and the magnificent city definitely has everything that you’re looking for in terms of entertainment.

If you’re planning on traveling to Melbourne, or simply wanted to know which Melbourne concerts are coming up next, different sites usually offer you these types of information that you’re looking for. As a matter of fact, the majority of these guides and online guides will give you information such as dates, performer, date, time and even sometimes, ticket prices.

While the number of these online guides are gradually increasing day after day, prices may sometimes vary depending on where you’ll purchase your tickets from. If you’re looking for the best deals on Melbourne concerns, here are some things that you can take into account.

Always Read Customer Feedback

Finding information about an online guide or ticket seller isn’t difficult. With the help of the internet, you’ll get to find out what other people think about specific sites. Thanks to reviews and customer feedback, which are most often posted online, you’ll get to know which online ticket sellers are reputable, and which ones to stay away from.

While all we wanted to hear from reviews are positive ones, don’t forget to take into consideration that the disadvantages also play a significant role in helping you come up with a smart decision. Weigh both the positive and the negative reviews, and start basing your decisions from there.

Compare Seating Plans And Prices

As mentioned earlier, not all of these websites have similar seating plans and prices. One site may offer front row seats, but the others don’t. Where do you want to sit? How much are you willing to spend on that particular concert? Compare these two factors and see if one site is better than the other. If both have same prices, choose one that is more reliable and trusted by online consumers and concert enthusiasts.

Mode Of Payment

There is nothing better than being able to print your ticket online and make a reservation through the internet. What are the modes of payment and how do you make a purchase? Although this is a simple factor, many people forget to take this into account, and it can make a huge difference in terms of convenience. Choose one that offers modes of payment that you can manage.

Ease Of Reservation

How easy is it for you to navigate the site? Can you quickly check who the next performers will be? Can you make a reservation that quickly?

The things mentioned above are simple, but when done properly, you can get the best deals on different Melbourne concerns. Don’t forget to take these into account and enjoy all these concerts without having to go through all these hustles and bustles.

Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Composer

This coming Sunday we will be recording live our promo video for our upcoming concerts in Melbourne. Please visit our website to view our new material.

I have now been here in Melbourne for nearly three years and it has proven to be a musically satisfying experience. I have now organised this series of 6 concerts as a consequence of the great cultural diversity of this city and my musical interaction with such communities as: Indian, Italian, Iranian, Greek, Russian, Afghan , Lebanese and many more. Over the last 3 years I have played many Melbourne Concerts with many outstanding musicians which have come to Australia to make this their home.

I find that there is a general sense of eagerness amongst musicians to interact. The Melting Pot World Music Series of Melbourne concerts will showcase 6 major collaborations that I have been fortunate to come by in the last 3 years.

Melbourne Concerts flamenco tablas

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, our first concerts, out of the 6 Melbourne Concerts, will have Hosham Alkozai as my special guest. Hosham is originally from Afghanistan, but was brought up In New Delhi where he was studied Indian Tablas, for over 15 years. His past experience will add a special touch to the final blend of our concerts, where Indian and Flamenco tradition come to life.

These are the details of our first concert:

Sunday July 26th at  2.00  pm.

Special Guest : Hosham Alkozai

Purchase Tickets:
$ 25 ( General)
$ 20 ( Concession)

Where: Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

The concert venue dates form 1881 and it´s acoustic are very adequate for live performances.

Please also visit:

My Melbourne guitar school website: The Creative Guitar School

My creative artistic site

My Melbourne Acoustic Wedding Music Site


Tips About Melbourne Jazz Concerts

There are plenty of clubs in Melbourne that play jazz music. However, just a handful of them have made a name and established their reputation as top clubs. On top of the chart as far as Melbourne jazz is concerned is the Paris Cat. This club attracts patrons from different parts of Australia who throng the club either to launch their careers as jazz artists or for entertainment reasons.

Among the visitors who have come to the venue include Cathy who was accompanied by Andrew Jones, DiegoVliallta , Oliver Powell and Mclod. The other group that frequents the venue to play Melbourne Jazz concerts  include Gianni Marinucci’s group which seldom perform standard jazz music at the club.

Michelle Niciole who is currently Melbourne’s finest jazz vocalists has on many occasions performed at the club and is scheduled to perform a selection of jazz music accompanied by the legendary pianist Sedergreen Bob.

Other than the Paris Cat club, there are other venues you will not miss any of the Melbourne’s top Jazz musician including Reverse Swing who is committed at revisiting the 1920s hot Jazz that were hits in 1930s. You will also seize the opportunity to listen to great numbers that were listened to and danced to in1940s and 50s. In addition, you will have an opportunity to select any of your favorite jazz music, listen to it, dance and enjoy the lyrics.

The good thing with most of the bands that take part  in Melbourne Jazz Concerts is that they are all experienced. In fact the leading bands have brought together musicians from different bands that have previously played Jazz at both the local and the international level. They play tunes from both the old and the new generations– including featuring songs from Duke Ellington and Bechet Sidney to American Songbook. They also feature some contemporary music all meant to entertain and inform the public.

Top Melbourne jazz artist

Vivian – is described as vibrant, vigorous and vicious. She was born and raised in Harlem. She was raised by a mother who was a jingle singer. Her father was a flautist who played alongside James brown, thus she had an opportunity to learn music at a very tender age. Her youthful environment was surrounded by night clubs, jam sessions and church music. By the time she started talking she was already singing. According to her, she uses music to express her feelings. Vivian has sung with many of the world’s flamboyant artists including Christina Aguilera, Chaka Khan, and Patti Austine among others.

The Jazz music has so far formed itself into an emperor with top artists such as Shirley Bassey, Gregory Porter and Esperanza Spalding. Other musicians that are credited for their great contributions in Melbourne jazz music is Rebecca who apparently got influenced by her father who was a jazz pianist. She started singing alongside Cole Porter, Van Heusen and Gershwin among others. Rebecca is said to have greatly been influenced by Sarah Vaughan and Nancy who were some of the yesteryear greatest artists that Rebecca listened to.

Thomas Lorenzo a versatile composer and guitarist will also be performing at the Paris Cat jazz Club in May. Please check out his site for Melbourne Jazz Concerts with electric and spanish guitars.

Melbourne Concerts Jazz

The Melbourne Jazz Festival Is A Great Outing

Overview of The Melbourne Jazz Festival

Who is the Melbourne Jazz Festival really for? For many people who are not hard nosed jazz fans it may seem like this event isn’t for them. These people cannot be more wrong about this event. What they get completely wrong is that jazz isn’t for music snobs but that it is for the people. It is a form of music that came out of the  American landscape, that along with the blues are America’s first unique musical creations. At the festival you will find several forms of jazz being played and presented. From the most classical forms of jazz to the new hybrid and fusion creations, you will find something that pleases your ear.

A Great Outing For The Family

What do you have planned for this weekend? We doubt that the average Aussie kid is a jazz fan but as a parent it is up to you to stretch your child’s horizons and to bring culture into their lives. We all have read the research on how music helps a child’s mind develop, how it helps with math skills and how kids exposed to a musical education do better in school. Taking your child to the Melbourne Jazz Festival just might spark something in them that makes them want to take up music as a hobby or even as a passion. For the parents of children who are already into music this is a great time to experience a live music event with them that you all can enjoy.

A Great Outing For Friends

What do you and your friends have to do for the weekend? Are you likely to do the same stuff every weekend? Why not try something different? The jazz festival is a great outing for friends. Check out different musical acts, eat some good food, get out the house and have some funs. What better place to spend your weekend than out with your neighbors, your friends and some great musicians. Perhaps a time to class up your weekend, do something different and have a very good time taking in some culture.

A Great Outing For A Date

Where do you typically spend your dates? The old dinner and a movie thing does get a bit old after awhile. Why not take your favorite activity partner to the jazz festival? I’m sure that they would be impressed, they’ll have a great time and they will thank you for the experience. The music will be world class and not just great. The food is spectacular and the people watching will be second to none. For anyone looking to shake things up this might be the perfect date day or night event for you.

Melbourne Concerts Jazz festival

A Great Way To Soak In Some Culture

The Melbourne Jazz Festival is a great event and time to soak in some culture. Jazz is such an interesting art form that takes a lot of talent to perform well. It will treat your ears to music that you probably seldom listen to but will eventually learn to love.

Please visit our Melbourne Concerts by Thomas Lorenzo website for updates on his flamenco and jazz concerts

Melbourne Guitar Concerts: Electric, Acoustic, Classical

Melbourne  Guitar Concerts:  Electric, Acoustic, Classical

Thomas Lorenzo , Composer and  Producer releases New CD: Memories de Barcelona.

Thomas Lorenzo, composer and guitarist releases on ITunes his latest track:  Bailas,  featuring the Wominjika Vocal Quartet. Label: DreamLand Music. 2014.

Thomas has teamed up with the Wominjika Vocal Quartet  to bring to Melbourne Guitar Concerts his  passion for vocal harmonies and the Spanish Guitar.  His choice of guitar in this recording is a handcrafted Flamenco Guitar Hermanos CONDE 2008.

Bailas represents one of his latest compositions where vocals are featured as solo and background instruments. All instruments in his arrangements , guitar , bass, piano, and vocals explore equal predominance throughout the composition. They continuously exchange roles as solo and background instruments. His style of composition is of a minimalistic nature creating a constant trance in a extreme spacial context.

Bailas is one of the 10 tracks to be released in 2015 in his new Album: Memories de Barcelona. Thomas has lived in Barcelona for over 34 years as a predominant musician educator composer an producer of contemporary Catalan Culture . At present he is based in Melbourne as Director of Dream Land Music which produces live and recorded unique musical products that reflect the urban cultural Australian diversity satisfying the demands for niche cultural entertainment. Please visit his website for more information on his Melbourne guitar concerts 

Please visit this other website and discover his unique educational method allowing students to explore their potential as performers and composers on the guitars. The Creative Guitar school delivers structured music courses: 10 week courses, in 10 consecutive hours for beginners intermediate and advanced students  to achieve different levels of proficiency. All these levels have the common outcome: to shine through uniqueness and creativity

Thomas Lorenzo , Composer Guitarist CD sales, Downloads
Book Sales. Arranging and Orquestration. EL Arreglo un Puzzle de Expression Musical 

Melbourne Acoustic Duo. Live Bands. Covers and More. Weddings and Event Entertainment

Check out his website for latests Melbourne Concerts



Songful. Melbourne Wedding Band. Acoustic Duo

Songful.  Melbourne Wedding Band.Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Creative Crunchy Revival. Soul Jazz Pop Blues and More

Thomas shares his insights on Songful.: “Through Songful I further explore the intrinsic nature if the Spanish and Electric  guitar  in a refreshing live crunchy duo setting.  Chrstina del Mundo  (vocals and acoustic guitar)  joins me  with her extraordinary creative talent.  Songful, as an acoustic duo, explores songs that have created a permanent imprint in our lives.  We revive them, we reinterpret them to perfection so our audiences  can just plainly feel good.”

Christina, shares her insights on our Melbourne wedding band as an Acoustic Duo. What do you enjoy most of performing with Songful ?

“It’s simply beautiful music written with honest sentiment. We compliment each others performance creating a groovy intimate feel. Songful also allows me to explore my composing skills in a more contemporary music scene. We co-write songs for ourselves and for other major artists. I would like to invite you all to listen to our original tracks both on I Tunes and our covers on the you tube links that are on this page “

Call us for a free quote on 0448348701. I would love to hear from you. Please supply us with information on time, date, length of performance required, venue ( private, public, indoor , outdoor), number of guests ( to determine sound amplification requirements), and distance to Melbourne CBD





Creative Melbourne Guitar School

Creative Melbourne Guitar School 

As part of the services we offer at our melbourne guitar school  we take special care in helping others develop their natural talent . We do such through music production and helping artists achieve profitable publishing deals. We also support creative education applied to the guitar where the objective is to achieve self expression through personal creativity.

Students learn to play the guitar at our Creative Guitar School  located in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

All guitar courses target these guidelines from 4 modules of learning.

Modules 1 to 4
Objective: The guitar student upon completion of any module will be able play the guitar in contemporary styles of music creating artistic expression as a soloist, accompanist and composer. The more modules a student finishes the more tools they will have to explore their full creative talent. Students throughout the 4 modules will develop skills in:

Performance:  Skills needed to play,  develop melodies, accompany them and  to improvise.

Ear training:  Skills to helps us compose, memorise a composition , improvise with creativity , transcribe our favourite songs or write our own  compositions.

Harmony: Music theory to help us understand what we play and take our compositions further beyond our present boundaries.

Please follow this link for more information  on our services at our Melbourne Guitar School

Melbourne Guitar School

Melbourne Acoustic Cover Band, Creative expression

Acoustic Wedding Music. Cover bands and more.

Dreamland Music, Melbourne, Vic, Australia, celebrates it´s mission  to develop music that portrays Australian Urban Culture.

Leah Zilberman is our new Melbourne talent showcase of this month of June . She has teamed up with Tomas Lorenzo on acoustic, electric and spanish guitar to produce an album of pop and funk classics with an intimate creative touch.



The resulting experience is a must to accompany your special occasion as your Wedding ceremony, reception or function.

Please follow this link to listen to the current released tracks.

Melbourne Acoustic Wedding music and Cover Band,

 Past Credits
 Leah Zilberman appears as actress and singer on:

  • Kismet – The Production Company : Ensemble – Actress/Singer – Sop/Dancer, Melbourne, Australia
  • NAB TVC : Actress, Melbourne, Australia
  • University Hill TVC : Actress – Flirty Woman, Melbourne, Australia
  • Million Dollar Dream : Lead Singer, Melbourne, Australia

Leah Zilbeman: Acoustic Duo, Guitar and Vocals
A 3 hour call for: Weddings, parties and functions

Starting from 875 dollars.

Please feel free to give us a call on (61) 0448348701 and let us know about your special event: Wedding ceremony, reception,  party. We would love to give you a detailed quote and propose the most adequate repertoire for you.

Please also refer to our other services as.

Flamenco Acoustic Guitar

RetroHoney. AcousticPop Cover band










Melbourne Guitar lessons, Eastern Suburbs, Spanish , Acoustic

At the Creative Guitar School located in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs it is my objective to make sure all our guitar students can be exposed from the first lesson to making real music happen.

Guitar students are not only required to play other people´s music but they must create their own and also understand how this is done.

The following link will take your through criteria that is required to accomplish our first level or guitar learning at our Melbourne Guitar School.

Please enjoy the link;

Melbourne Guitar lessons, Music School

Melbourne Live Bands Festival Selection Criteria.


Dreamland Music Events and Entertainment produces music reflection of Contemporary Australian Urban Culture.My company was recently asked to organise and produce the music for a  major music festival in Melbourne.


Objective planned management skills can ensure with ease the success of all festivals but what really makes a music festival successful. 


I do hope you agree that the music is what really makes it successful. 

Music festivals need good live bands  and festival organizers wish to select good  live bands


The following shows insights on how this objective was met in melbourne.

Melbourne Music Festival, Live Bands,  


Melbourne Corporate Entertainment, Wedding, Cover Bands

Dreamland Music delivers unique acoustic duos interpreting songs we all know and love with a creative twist.  Styles cater for Jazz, Funk, Blues, Flamenco,  Pop. Songs form the 60s 70s 80s and 90s.

Our mission is to to develop inner creativity, a personal voice thriving for excellence.

Please follow the links below. Preview our cover bands in Melbourne for Weddings and special events and  Corporate Entertainment.

 Songful , Sweet emotions, Melbourne Acoustic Duo.  Retrohoney rediscovers what made us fall in love with music and life: James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Constant Craving  and many more. 

melbourne weddiing entertainment, vocalists

Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar

SongFul. Creative Crunchy Revival . Melbourne cover band , duo format. Explosive, heartbreaking crunchy and vibrant. ” John Fitzgerald.  Modern Trends Magazine

Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Call us for a free quote on 0448348701. We would love to hear from you.  Please supply us with information on time, date, length of performance required, venue ( private, public, indoor , outdoor), number of guests ( to determine sound amplification  requirements), and distance to Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Guitar Lessons. Studio Visit. The Professional World of Recording

At the Creative Guitar School here in Melbourne located in the Eastern Suburbs, we believe students should have insights into the professional world from early stages in their  guitar learning.

We encourage and thrive for strong relationships with the professional community to expose career opportunities that can develop and focus creative potential .

Over 20 students explored the world of music production and all it´s processes from tracking , overdubbing mixing and mastering. They acquired knowledge in microphone techniques, signal processing and digital media .

We all visited the Black Pear Studios in Moorabin: A state of the art complex featuring a 72 channel SSL 4000 E series console  The studio has a collection of over 350 microphones, 350 vintage and boutique pedals, more than 130 top quality guitars and an endless supply of outboard signal processing gear.

It was a successful rewarding Friday afternoon for all attendees. Stay tuned for more.

Melbourne Acoustic Guitar. Concert, Frankston Performance Center

Tomás Lorenzo, Acoustic Flamenco Guitarist in Concert:  “Memories de Barcelona” April 5th , 8 pm. Frankston Arts Centre, Victoria, Australia.

 “Memories de Barcelona ”
A series of compositions based upon Minimalistic contemplations in Flamenco, Jazz and Pop.  8 compositions that reflect upon values that bond our community.

The Suite

  1. Sunset on the Garraf, (Post del sol al Garraf)

  2. Treason and Courage, ( Traició i coratge)
  3. Children at Pla , (El riure de nadons)
  4. Mediterranean Ripples and Kipples
  5. Sweetness with Rage, (Duclura amb rabia)
  6. Buleria a les Rambles

  7. My Soul (La meva anima del dimoni)

  8. Nostalgia
  9. Dance with me( Bailas)

Thomas will be performing on spanish classical guitar a series of compositions that portray his experience as an Australian Immigrant in Spain.

Thomas believes  all human beings are similar when it comes to feeling good or bad about life. This suite encompasses those human emotions common to all humanity.


Tomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitars: Alphonso Johnson , Bruce Sugar ( Ringo Star ), Dave Garfield( Benson)
Steve Falk, Percussion ( Melbourne Symphony)
Jordan Murray, Trombone ( Lecturer in Jazz Studies at Monash University)
Wominjika Vocal Quartet
Oscar Neyland: Upright Bass

Venue: Frankston Arts Centre
27-37 Davey Street (PO Box 490)
Frankston Victoria 3199 Australia

Date: April 5th at 8 pm.
Ticket:  $30

CONTACT DETAILS: Tomas Lorenzo, 0448348701,


Melbourne Concerts, Guitar , Spanish Culture 


Passadis del Pep Restaurant

Passadis del Pep
Staying in Hostal Residencia Australia, we went to Passadis del Pep restaurant, espensive but good fine food.

Tucked away at the end of the passage, beside a cash machine, you can find EL PASSADÍS DEL PEP, exactly where it has been for more than 30 years, at number 2, Pla de Palau.

Our restaurant, decorated with a combination of stonework reminiscent of the old inns, adorned with paintings by respected artists, offers a relaxed atmosphere created to a large extent by the personalised, friendly treatment given to our customers, most of whom regularly dine with us.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try a different kind of cuisine, whose simplicity and good taste are based on fresh, top-quality products; no menu, no rush.

Passadis del Pep

Pla del Palau, 2, 08003 Barcelona, Tel. +0034 933101021


Nice japanese cuisine in Barcelona

Today enjoying arround Hostal Residencia Australia nice and japanese cuisine with train of abundant sishes with fix price! TOYO Japanesse restaurant “Sushi train”,Since 2002 Toyo offers you a wide selection of delicious and authentic Japanese food, prepared on the spot.

Among the youth it´s the most sought Sushi Train Restaurant in Barcelona.

It´s the absolute place to be if you´re in with the in crowd and always packed five minutes after opening.

It has a quality buffet with super fresh food prepared daily, Toyo is the place to go.
Not only Toyo have a huge amount of different type of dishes, but you can also eat as much as your heart desires.

Toyo Restaurant Japones
c/ Torrent de l´Olla, 10
08012 Barcelona

Melbourne Guitar Concerts, Lessons, Ensembles, Spanish Culture

Thomas Lorenzo  music teacher and composer will premier his suite Memories de Barcelona on October 6th at the Toorak Uniting Church. He will be accompanied by Jeremy Alsop on Bass, Steve Falk on Percussion, Jordan Murray on Trombone and the Wominjika Vocal Quartet.

Thomas will be performing on guitar a series of compositions that portray his experience as an Australian Immigrant in Spain.

Thomas believes  all human beings are similar when it comes to feeling good or bad about life. This suite encompasses those human emotions common to all humanity. Please follow the link for further details  on location, time, tickets. We are looking forward to sharing the event with you all.


Melbourne Concerts, Guitar , Spanish Culture 


Melbourne Guitar, concert, workshops, Eastern Suburbs

On October 15th  and 22nd from 5 till 7pm The Creative Guitar School located in Melbourne´s Eastern Suburbs and the TOORAK UNITING CHURCH will host a series of workshops targeting well being through music.

Contemporary lifestyle can limit personal interaction within the community there fore rendering a lack of expression and personal satisfaction.

I believe we all have a creative potential that can be expressed through music. When we express we feel better. When we interact with others as a team we feel better, when we accomplish a common goal with others we feel better.

These workshops target the stated outcomes. Participants will engage in a structured improvisation based on diatonic motif development striving to express through vocals, guitars percussion and other instruments they can produce at the workshop.

Please read more

Melbourne Creative Guitar Lessons

Barcelona famous and excellent seafood restaurant, near to barcelona port

Staying in Hostal Residencia Australia we went to famous and excellent seafood restaurant, near to barcelona port( Barceloneta)

Originally called “Cafè de les 7 Portes“, this establishment opened in 1836. Today is the most classic of Barcelona’s eating-places.

This is certainly the city’s most famous paella, which is always perfect. Try also seafood and rice dishes prepared in traditional way like Fideuà with prawns, Barcelona rice with ham and cheese, assorted grilled inshore fish or the Zarzuela with lobster…

Very large place but regularly full.

Restaurant 7 Portes

Address : Passeig d’ Isabel II, 14
Zip code : 08003
City : Barcelona – Spain
Area : Ciutat Vella
Email :
Website : 7 portes – Barcelona 
Opening hours : from 1pm to 1am
Prices : 35 €
Phone : 93.319.30.33
Metro/Bus : Barceloneta (L4)


Barcelona Ginger Bar

from Barcelona Hostal Residencia Australia, we went to Ginger Bar, nice and special place, very good service and food!
With its hanging disco ball, plush leather seats and wooden tables, many Ginger fans have coined this trendy wine and cocktail bar as an ‘airport lounge’. It is however, rather known for it’s innovative cocktails, wide selection of amazing wine and high quality tapas. This is a Barcelona gem, ideal for weekend adventures, intimate drinks and lively evenings on the town. Ginger is nestled behind Plaza Sant Jaume, in Plaza San Jus a little hard to find if you don’t know where to look, but once you stumble upon it you’ll be sure to mark the spot; if you’re up for dinner after a few drinks, check out Pla restaurant which is right around the corner.
C/Palma de Sant Just, 1, 
C/Lledó, 2, Barcelona
Phone: 933 10 53 09

Quimet i Quimet, nice barcelona tapas bar !

From Barcelona Hostal Residencia Australia I went to looking for good beer and have good food, I found Quimet i Quimet, nice tapas bar !
Quimet i Quimet
Lined from floor to ceiling with wines and spirits from across the globe, this lively bodega is justly famed for its unique and exquisite montaditosmodelled from wicked combinations of salmon with truffled honey, tuna dotted with caviar and balsamic syrup, and plates of pungent cheeses served with transparent fruit jelly, glazed chestnuts and pickles arranged like artworks. And, there’s mojama (salt-cured, air-dried tuna), canned seafood and croquetas. Can’t make up your mind? Ask the maestro behind the bar to assemble you a plate. Intense flavours create an unforgettable experience. Don’t expect fried fish, or fried anything. Blonde, brown and black beers on tap. They serve their own-label Belgian beer, excellent wines and cavas. Standing room only.

• Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes 25, Barcelona

 Tel+34 93 442 3142

Open Mon-Fri noon-4pm, 7pm-10.30pm, Sat noon-4pm, closed August


The Flamenco Sound

Generally since I have lived in Spain for over 32 years  I am considered  a flamenco guitarist. I must say that I love the flamenco melodic and harmonic colors but this is only one style of music that I thrive on.

I have learnt flamenco coming from a western background so I have had to relate to previous knowledge for it´s understanding.

Let´s make it real simple , you get the blues sound by playing the blue notes. Flamenco is very similar You get the flamenco sound by playing the flamenco notes. In Blues if you do not play the blues sound often then it sounds strange. In Flamenco if you do not play the flamenco sound, the notes that sound flamenco then it also sounds strange. Check out the following post . Advanced Flamenco, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Guitar lessons

My Creative Guitar School  Courses develop on skills to achieve positive outcomes in all learning objectives.

Volando Voy, Volando Vengo

Melbourne is finally coming closer to home, Barcelona. La Rumba Catalana has arrived and is taking it by storm to help keep the cold away.

Please take a a peak the new track from


Jarrod is Australian bone but of Spanish descendants former lead vocalist of the famed Melbourne Group La Rumba.

Thomas and Jarrod join forces to further enrich the cultural diversity of Melbourne.  The Spanish Guitar can be such a melodic but also a powerful groove driving element in acoustic bands. Please enjoy the premier.