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Well, this is me , Thomas on the left, on the right we have some guests.

In 1963 mom and dad immigrated to Australia where I was born. It was hard times back then, a month in a ship to get there , years away from home, no internet, etc.

Finally, when Spain's Dictator Franco died, ( 1975) my family decided to come back home. Before the civil war the family had a hostel, which was confiscated by the fascists, so on our arrival to Spain my mother decided to continue with the tradition and she founded this Barcelona Hostel, Residencia Australia.
My brother John and myself were brought up here. Presently John is a professor in geophysics at L.S.U and myself a composer and also a part time teacher at the Liverpool Institute for The Performing Arts in the UK.

Residencia Australia has been here since 1978, we are small, cozy, warm and friendly. It's the place to stay if you want to feel at home away from home. Over the years we have made so any friends that we must say thank you to all of you.

There are so many nice things to do in Barcelona that I hope our Barcelona guide can help you get a nice feel for this city.

In June 2006 we will be opening our new Tasmanian apartments. These Barcelona apartments are not located in the same buildlng as we are but right across the street from the mainland Australia, form our Barcelona Hostel, on calle Pelayo number 5. Tasmania is beautiful and so are these apartments.

Tasmania is a state but under the rule of my mother.

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